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    Frequently Asked Question!

    CBD Hemp Infused Coffee
    Can I choose an institution instead of a person to receive your FREE Product?

    Yes, you can. You can select anybody to receive a FREE product. You can also chose an institution. It is up to you.

    What if I buy regular coffee but I would like to sent to someone else Decaffeinated coffee?

    It is no problem at all. Simply let us know while placing your order. The only thing that matters is the quantity. We will match your purchased quantity and you can chose regular or decaffeinated type. You can also ask us to mail mixed products.

    What if I choose myself to receive an extra product?

    That's fine too. We pledge to ship equal amount of the product to the address of your choice. If you wish to receive it - it's fine with us.

    Does your product contain THC? Is it legal?

    Our Hemp Coffee does not contain THC. It is absolutely legal to buy and consume our product.